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Posted on Nov 24th 2012. Tags: Marketing

What are my chances of getting a job in the marketing industry after getting my assosiactes degree?
I want to know how easy/hard it is to obtain a career in the marketing/advertising industry.

You would miss out on often industry internships which are generally awarded to 3rd and 4th year undergraduates who major in marketing, communications, or advertising in 4-year colleges. It's a great foot-in-the-door career builder early on. The best you could hope for would be a production job maybe. Unless you have tech skills like flash actionscript programming or video editing. For the technology inclined, a bachelor's degree is encouraged but not required. Go for 4 years. The competition for jobs in the field is fierce. The long term benefits of a 4-year degree are far-reaching. It's not a career path for slackers, and the ability to master abstract ideas is paramount to success in the field. Nothing worth having is easily attained. So what if it's hard? If you have the will to succeed, you won't let hard work stand in your way. The flipside of all the hard work is all the madcap fun you'd have. Working at an ad agency is a blast.

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Right now, in this economy, you would be lucky to get an entry level position in a low level company. Actually, you would be lucky to get any job! And that is no joke! However, you would probably be able to get a position as a telemarketer, but, you really don't need an associates degree for this job. The fact that you have or will soon get your associates degree does put you in an advantage over those who do not. An employer will tend to give a job to the candidate with the highest level of education, all other factors being equal. If you are interested in finding out more about "network marketing", you can find out alot of information online. One nice thing about network marketing is that you can have a successful career with an associates degree, or you can have a successful career with no degree at all. You would have a distinct advantage over the non-degreed marketer, as you have a lot more knowledge at your fingertips. You will most likely have better writing and speaking skills than someone with just a HS diploma, a GED or equivilancy diploma, or no dipolma at all. The difference between a network marketer and a telemarketer is that you won't have to annoy people at dinner time! As a matter of fact, you won't have to annoy anyone at anytime, if you do network marketing right! Is Network Marketing a Get Rich Quick Scheme? Definately not, and anyone who tells you so is not being honest with you. So, if continuing you education is not an option at this time, then send out your resume. If you have any type of experiance, a lot of employers will also take that into consideration. If you are interested in finding out how to break into the network marketing arena, please check out my website, I am not going to SELL you on my NWM or MLM company, don't worry about that. What my website is about is helping you to find the "right" network marketing opportunity for "you" and how to develop that opportinity into a successful career. One requirement is access to a computer with high speed internet access. The good news is that most school libraries give you unlimited access at the library! Hope this helps! Good luck in your search! Hope to hear from you! Jane AKA Zelda Find out what Zelda Knows at

It will take more to move metals
TWO flops in just over a week for base metals is not - repeat, not - good news. Copper and the others are certainly suggesting they've been given a euphoria bypass. It will take more to move metals

Metallica bets on scandium
IT seems a pity you can't give a free set of steak knives with a rights issue, but one near producer has done the next best thing. Metallica bets on scandium

Junior miners pine for partners
THEY are about to call the last dance so pick your partners.

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You Are About to Learn The MLM Secrets That 97% of Network Marketers Will Never Even Discover. Find Marketing articles at a free articles directory. Submit your articles for free distribution and find content for your website, Ezine. I wanted to share my personal strategy for managing my energy and focus, because of a conversation that I had earlier today on Facebook: That Post Is Because Of Not. Network Marketing MLM Software CRM Systems Multilevel Websites Tools Autoresponders, over 10 yrs of experience the industry! The official personal MLM Training Blog of network marketing legend, Dale Calvert featuring Training, Network Marketing Training, Leadership Training and Self. Accurate information about multilevel marketing is not easy to get. Few publishers, editors, and broadcasters are willing to examine this topic depth. The Definitive Legal Resource for Direct Selling, Multilevel, and Network Marketing Companies. Grimes & Reese, P.L.L.C.

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Kyani is making a run at the superjuice market with a loaded MLM comp plan but is it too late? Are Superjuices dead or can Kyani revive this former killer market? Discover the multi level tips and tricks that top income earners have been using for years to generate millions! provides the best network company information found online. Read or network marketing companies reviews. Join our FREE forum! Network Marketing Home Business Training Resources by Doug Firebaugh for work at home, work from home, home based business professionals. Network Marketing Reviews and Unbiased Multi Level Marketing Reviews of hundreds of Top Network Marketing and MLM Programs by Brian Garvin and Jeff West. Free MLM. Recent Posts. The Most Important Minute Front Row Attitude Nov 16,2012; PartyLite Names Two Women To Top Positions; United Paycheck Review: AdPort investment. Network Marketing/MLM The Philippines is an article that is focused on the the true status of MLM the philippines Discover six-figure mlm systems, mlm tools, mlm training and mlm leads today from top producer.

Get Free Leads when you Learn the Secrets of Attraction Marketing! Lee Kolaski is an Internet Marketing Expert teaching you his Secrets! List of MLM Multi Level Marketing Network Companies South Africa List of Top 100 MLM Network Marketing companies the world. by Ejaz on May 7, 2010 Blog teaching how it's possible to add 700 reps into any downline. Your best source of MLM information on making MLM sales, how to succeed your first year network news and much more. Here are 5 MLM Recruiting Tips to help you build your business faster and easier. Follow these Recruiting Tips to increase your recruiting confidence and your. Prosperity Multi Level Marketing What characteristics do you need to possess order to achieve success multi-level marketing? At this time there are generally. Discover Training MLM to learn How to Generated Lead to your Primary Network Marketing and company. Learn more about the latest and greatest Internet. Hi Im James and thanks for stopping by my personal blog; its a pleasure to meet you.

Please take some time to read through my Network Marketing training blog. BUDGET APPROACH TO MARKETING YOUR HEALTH MLM MINUS THE REJECTION Tired Of Rejection For Your Health MLM? Cringing At The Thought of Cold Calling? mlm consumer protection, mlm is good. find a good mlm company or (How not to Puke on Anyone MLM.) Catchy subtitle, huh? But its true. When most people first join a network marketing company and until they learn. Pinoy MLM Internet Network Marketing Business the Philippines | Pinoy MLM Network Secrets Exposed! Succeed multi-level marketing/MLM or network. MLM Profit Marketing System: Get Unbiased User Reviews, Ratings, Discounts, Coupons, and Special Offers on Marketing Systems, MLM Lead Generation, MLM Marketing. Multi-level (MLM) is a marketing strategy which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the.


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